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Client List - Past & Present

Trustees of the Grammar School of King Edward VI at Stratford upon Avon

Fundraising from Trusts and Foundations to support the Shakespeare's School and Guildhall project

Trustees of Stoneleigh Abbey

Business plan to support application for development of the site to support the visitor experience

Holy Cross Preparatory School - Kingston upon 


Financial advice and interim Bursarsarial support until recently recruited Bursar was available to take up this post


  • Fee payments by Direct Debit

  • Parent Contract  

  • Purchasing and Debtor control procedures

Assisted with recruitment

Work carried out over  a six month period.

Denstone College Preparatory School - Uttoxeter         Review of the Bursary administration and in particular the workload of the Bursar - provide a report to the Governors

Gordon's School- Woking

Review of the Administration Processes at Gordon’s School and The Gordon Foundation 

  • Pupil recruitment and administration

  • Staff recruitment and administration

Burford School -  Burford

Clerk to the Governors

for one academic year until processes in place.

Hoe Bridge School- Old Woking

Investigation into potential support from the Heritage Lottery Fund for "wall paintings, conservation , interpretation and historical attribution"

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Highfield Priory School - Preston

Review of the Bursary structure  and to support the Bursar who had been in post for just over a year.  Recommend a practical working structure to suit the budget available and recruit accordingly.  Introduce policies and procedures to assist the smooth running of the organisation - 3-month contract